1.4828 | X15CrNiSi-20-12 Heat-resistant steel

ferrite 304 2b stainless steel sheet and plates

Austenitic steels such as stainless steel grade 1.4828 have only 30% of the thermal conductivity of unalloyed steels. Their melting point is lower than that of unalloyed steels, so austenitic steels must be welded with lower heat input than unalloyed steels. This grade is suitable for components that need to be scale-resistant up to about 1000 °C. The material 1.4828 can be weakly magnetizable in the quenched state. The magnetizability increases with increasing cold deformation.

Properties according to DIN EN 10 088

Steel type

Short designation Aisi/SAE Material number
X15CrNiSi-20-12 309 1.4828

1.4828 | X15CrNiSi-20-12: Mechanical properties (transverse)

Proof stress Rp0,2 MPa min. Tensile strength Rm MPa Elongation at fracture A80 % min.
230 550-750 28

1.4828 | X15CrNiSi-20-12: Chemical composition (heat analysis)

Percentage by weight % max.
C Cr Ni min. N Si Mn P S
0.2 19.0-21.0 11.0-13.0 0.11 1.50-2.50 2 0.045 0.015
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